Personal accident insurance

FAW group policy for registered Comet system members

The FAW have arranged a group policy to cover to provide personal accident insurance for those registered on the Comet system.

  • The policy is operative from 1 July 2020, or date of registration, whichever is the later, to 30 June 2021, both dates inclusive.
  • Cover is obtained through registration on the FAW Comet System
  • Cover is operative at any ground or premises worldwide (subject to exclusions) where there is an agreed fixture or training and includes travelling directly to and from such activities. Cover is also provided at club social events (subject to exclusions).
  • The FAW will provide registered members with an Evidence of Cover and Policy Wording.
For further details please view the summary of cover.

Who is covered?

  • Members registered on the FAW Comet system only
  •  Cover is effective from the date the Comet membership is completed up to and including 30th June 2021

Members include:

  • Adult players – Aged 17 and above (inc Welsh Premier) defined as someone that is 17 or older on 02.08.2020
  • Youth players – Aged 16 or below (inc Soccer Tots) defined as someone that is 6 to 16 on 02.08.2020. NOTE: U6s automatically insured with no requirement to register on Comet
  • Referees, Coaches, Managers, Trainers
  • Employees and Officials of the FAW, Area Associations, Leagues and Clubs

Age limitations:

  • Players, Referees, Coaches, Managers and Trainers - Up to 55 years on 02.08.2020. Persons aged 55 years until attainment of 75 years on 02.08.2020 are insured on reduced benefits.
  • Employees and Officials of the FAW, Area Associations, Leagues and Clubs up to 75 years of age on 02.08.2020. Persons aged over 80 years are insured on reduced benefits.

Insured categories

  • Welsh Premier teams - insured for personal accident, only exception is the Temporary Total Disablement benefit will not apply for players where their sole employment is football.
  • Adult 11 Aside teams – “Saturday League Football”
  • Futsal. If a player wants to play both traditional 11 aside and futsal the he/she is required to separately register for each category on the Comet system.
  • Teams playing in the English Non-League Pyramid.
  • Womens and Girls Football.
  • U19s Development League.
  • Youth trial or training.
  • Dual Membership – only sanctioned competitions.

Categories that are NOT INSURED

  • Small Sided.
  • Vets Teams.
  • Disability / Power Chair Football.
  • Walking Football.
  • Sunday League Football.
  • Rep Teams.
  • Schools Football.
  • Huddle Participation.
  • Youth Trial or training – no cover for temporary members (Adult or youths) unless registered on Comet.
  • Welsh College teams.



View a summary of the cover provided for registered Comet members.